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  • 2023-03-30 to 2023-04-06 / 8 days / Hiking / Westbound / RR & Option 8 / Jakub & Veronika

We hiked some parts of GPT45 in Torres del Paine NP. Because we were quite late in the season, we couldn't do the "O" trek so we ended up doing "W" with some extensions. There are two things to mention, one is the reservation system (for that see the "GPT Hiker's Guide below), the other are the optional hikes and some warnings on them. Basically we took the bus to Camping Central, hiked to Base Torres and back, overslept, hiked all the way to Paine Grande Camping (due to lack of places in other camps), next day we went to Mirador Británico by the Rio Frances which was hard to finish (see below), so we tried the other day by the official path (there is a nice circle loop leading threw peatbog so you don't need to walk the same way twice). The next day we continued to Camping Grey, overslept and in the morning continued to Mirador Grey and back for a boat over Lago Grey (with great views of the glacier). From visitor's centre at Glacier bay we hiked Option 8 to Valle Zapata where we spent 3 beautiful days before we came back to Glacier bay and took a bus back to Puerto Natales.

Here it's important to note that to legally visit Valle Zapata (Option 8) you need either licenced guide or an expedition permit issued by CONAF.


1. trail to Mirador Torres closes at 15:00, checked by CONAF

2. official trail to Mirador Británico closes at 14:00, checked by CONAF

3. RR now leads from km 160 on old unmaintained (yet walkable) trail, that follows the right side of the river from the glaciar down to RR, the bridge at the same place is unusable, the river must be crossed higher on the stream. Oficial road from mirador leads back to campamento Italiano on km 151 and then continues West.

4. All the way from CONAF station through Pingo and Zapata campsites is regular trail which we've walked there and back and which we've recorded on GPS. Next to the road there are several miradors and at the end, in the middle of the valley, lies third possible camping spot and a meteorological station.

5. The trail after this spot in still sort of marked but disappears in the bushes. More exploration needed from from this point on.

GPT Hiker's Guide to Torre del Paine NP:

1. If you know exactly what you want to do and when you want it especially in the peak season, buy entrance and reserve all the camp sites in advance to be sure you have your "freedom" there

2. If you don't, then don't bother with booking, they lie about the availability (at least out of the peak season). Buy the entrance (which will be checked by CONAF) and ask at the receptions when you arrive to the campsites. They have places, they just don't say honestly to on the web.

3. If you need freedom or feel stressed when being highly regulated, consider other place. This park has some side affects of tourism overuse.

See Links to other Resources below to make reservations and see the official web pages of Parque Torres del Paine.

  • SoBo/January 22/Tobias Schorcht/7 Days/Method: Hiking

Took the bus to Park entrance Laguna Amarga and went 88 km up to the border. Easy walking, nice views, lonely. Funfact: I met 2 builders who are in charge of maintaining the road. They are supposed to start in Dezember this year! In some years (it will take quite a while to build up 15 bridges) there will be a even a border control up there. Payed the Torres del Paine fee for 3 days at Laguna Amarga and walked straight 26 km to Camping Pehoé. It is a good visible, official trail, is barley used. I did not meet any other hiker but a beautiful Puma (Lago Sarmiento). For some parts you have to walk on the road. The views are stunning. The part southbounded (Lago Sarmiento Chico) is the most beautiful one. Left the park at admission Río Serrano and continued with GPT 46.

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