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Three hours one way The trail begins by surrounding the Morro Negro (the Black Hill). For the first 240 meters, walk along the same road your were following, until you see the start of the trail to your right (the road goes to Glaciar del Morado. The path heads north in the middle of a field of big volcanic boulders. After half an hour of this rocky terrain the pleasant Valle de la Engorda (“Fattening Valley”, due to its role for cattle) will be reached. The majestic San José Volcano fills the background to the east.

There is a small bridge to cross the stream at the beginning of the valley, although it can be crossed by taking of the shoes at any point. Sadly, you will pass very close to the new facilities set up by the Alto Maipo hydroelectric power plant. After crossing several lesser streams and two kilometres from the beginning of the valley, the foot of the south ravine is reached (see image) (2615m). Take note that there is another ravine to the north. Do not walk into the ravine itself, instead go on eastward towards the volcano. The ascent begins at the side of a boulder.

From there, the trail is clear all the way to Plantat. The path zigzags along the steep slope and ascends rapidly, following a small water course, that must be crossed. At 2700m, the trail bends sharply to the north, to cross the water course again. Then it bends to the south and crosses the stream yet once again.

At 2887m, already far from the humid ravine, the path bends again to the north. You will have to walk in that direction along an area of low inclination, and cross the stream once more. After 600 meters of this rather flat terrain (see image) the trail, ascending along a grassy area, bends slowly but finally to the southeast. From this point, it’s 670 extra meters to the small but comfortable Plantat cabin (3130m), on the shores of the very water course we have been crossing all along.