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(Resupply Towns)
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=====ATM and Money Services=====
=====ATM and Money Services=====
=====Hostals, Hotels, Cabañas=====
=====Hostals and Hotels=====

Revisión del 08:08 29 sep 2019

The GPT is not a public trail and no agency or foundation cares for this project so no official body provides any information and updates to the GPT. For this reason it is the task of the hikers’ community to collaborate in the publication of the GPT by issuing and updating the section articles.

To get access to the Track Files for navigation on the GPT download the Hiker's Manual and read Chapter 1 carefully.

GPT Hikers's Manual: http://bit.ly/GPTmanual

To obtain the GPT Track Files you are asked to sign up on Wikiexplora in order to update and contribute to the trail documentation.

Track File Request: http://www.wikiexplora.com/Greater_Patagonian_Trail_track_files

As a minimum all hikers and packrafters should:

1. Provide important updates and alerts on Wikiexplora under “Recent Alerts and Suggestions” as soon as feasible.

2. Add yourself and your hiking partner to the section log under “Season Section Log” after you completed a section or section combination. This section log entry should contain:

- your section start date (the actual date when you started walking on this section),

- your names (or alias or your Wikiexplora username if you prefer more privacy),

- your hiking duration (how many days it took you from the section start to the finish),

- your hiking direction (southbound or northbound),

- describe your chosen route (i.e. hiking or packrafting route), the used options (if not following the entire regular route) and combinations with other sections (if your combined several sections without resupplying off the trail)

- and your personal perception of the section attractiveness, difficulty and comments that you consider beneficial.

3. If you have new useful information or you find an error in a section description, then update any other item of the Wikiexplora Section Article yourself during your hike or after returning home.

Recent Alerts and Suggestions

Season Section Log

Summary Table

Satellite Image Map

Elevation Profile

Section Planning Status

Recommended Travel Period

Benefits of Hiking and Packrafting

Recommended Travel Direction

Section Length and Travel Duration

Suitable Section Combinations

Section Attractiveness

Section Difficulty


Resupply Towns




ATM and Money Services


Hostals and Hotels


Resupply on the Trail

Access to Route and Return

Access to Start

Return from Finish

Escape Options

Permits, Entry Fees and Right-of-Way Issues

Regular Route

Regular Hiking Route

Regular Packrafting Route

Optional Routes

Investigations and Explorations

Links to other Resources

Alerts and Logs of Past Seasons