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Cabo Froward (english)

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Rutas Patrimoniales.jpg Original content from Heritage Routes of Ministery of Public Patrimony
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General Description


Route description

First segment

Second segment

Third segment

Fourth segment

Fifth segment


Basic: •

  • Try to do a tour in company and well informed. •
  • Consider the duration of sections so you are not caught by night.
  • Take into consideration the changing weather conditions.
  • Move only through the market road. Do not go far from track.
  • Do not leave wastes in the nature, bring it back with you.
  • Camp only in appropriate places and do not leave traces. • Avoid fires, if there is no other choice extinguish fire with abundant water. •
  • Do not hunt or disturb the existing native fauna. •
  • Notify Carabineros of Chile when you leave and return.

It is necessary to bring : •

  • Thermal warm clothes and windbreaker.
  • First aid kit.
  • Provisions for at least a couple of days for possible contingencies.
  • Map of the path and elements for orientation. •
  • UV glasses and sun protector cream.

Information required: •*Weather conditions for a better planning of the tour. •

  • Condition of roads and tracks conforming the road in Carabineros of Puerto Williams, and also about the flow conditions of the main water courses crossing the road.
  • This trekking is described in full detail in the following topoguide of the Ministery of Public Patrimony. The printed guide can be obtained for free in the Ministery:56-2-3512100 -> 2325. It is hihgly recommended to take it to the walk, as it enriches the experience with descrptions of flora, fauna, geography and geology.

Expected time

Route in Google Earth

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