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ENG:Circunvalación al Cerro Moreno

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View of the sea from the summit

Return to Cerro Moreno

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Summary (editar)
Activity Trekking
Location Chile, Antofagasta
Scenery Mediana
Atractions Vistas panorámicas, Mar, Isla
Duration 1 día
Trail Siempre Claro
Signage Inexistente
Infraestructure Inexistente
Topology Circuito
Gain/Loss (meters) +783, -784
Distance (k) 36.6
Original creator Nortexpedidiones
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Descripción general

View to Cerro Moreno
Sign of CONAF welcoming Cerro Moreno
Start of Trekking to Cerro Moreno
Cerro Moreno Trail
Sunset at Cerro Moreno Summit

Tour that surrounds all the Morro Moreno, starting from the spa of Juan Lopez (km 0), it takes course towards the Island Sta. Maria (km 16), returning by the same road where Juan Lopez was reached. Arriving at the coast of Sta Maria Island, a dirt road begins that will take us up to a climb of 200 meters, from here a small descent where we will go to the Pta Tetas sector, from here we go in the direction of Juan Lopez for a dirt road that after passing a ravine becomes a small path. you have to cross 3 streams that can be pedaled if you take them up.

Cerro Moreno National Park

The Morro Moreno National Park, with an area of ​​7,313.89 hectares, is located 65 kilometers north Antofagasta.

There is a diversity of continental, marine and insular environments that have relevant and varied resources in terms of flora, fauna, geology, morphology, archeology and landscape. Highlights the hills, gorges and rocks, and vegetation formations of fog, such as the coastal desert of Tocopilla.

90 species of wild flora are found here, some of them endemic. 195 species of wild fauna have been verified, among them the foxes chilla and the small gull. Towards the coast it is possible to observe chungungos, the austral wolf and Humboldt penguins, among others.

This route has been translated automatically using Google Translate.png. Help us to improve it!

Appropriate time

All year. It is an extremely dry place, with a very stable climate.


The unit can be accessed all year round by route B-440, Antofagasta-Juan López and by detour from that route, to Isla Santa María and Bolsico Caleta.

Description of the route

Topographic profile of the return to Cerro Moreno

The route starts at 15 meters and has several elevation intervals but these are not so abrupt. The route has a point of maximum elevation in a section, which is at 8.47 km that reaches an altitude of 226 (msnm) and must be turned to the left, therefore, from the beginning to the 8.47 km traveled, they are only made 226 meters, then continue straight on the route and at 12.3 km, the path is relatively flat, as it does not have sharp descents, and from that point it turns to the south and begins to walk along the coast until reaching the km 23.5, then from 12.3 km to 16 km there is a change in altitude, since in that interval of kilometers, from 218 (msnm) it descends to 6 (msnm), and then the road is relatively flat, since at 20.4 km traveled, down to 1 (msnm) and from that point to 22.6 km there is a slope that rises to 182 (msnm), and from that point to 23.5 km descends to 57 (msnm) and turn to the right and continue straight on the coast, then from that point the path is relatively e plane, except for the 25.2 km traveled at 58 (msnm), there is a sharp slope that at 25.5 is promoted to 99 (msnm) and descends to 58 (msnm) immediately, then the road it becomes flatter from that point considering that it is at 58 (msnm) and until the end point there are only small intervals or with moderate slope, and then at 33.5 km, it should turn north following the coast and The trekking ends at 36.7 km and at an altitude of 15 (masl).


Permits / Rates

Gratis-y-sin-permisos.png Esta ruta es gratis y no se requiere permiso

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