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Laguna Cerro Castillo. Autor: Patagonia por Descubrir

Trekking a la Laguna del Cerro Castillo

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Summary (editar)
Activity Trekking
Location Chile, Coyhaique
Scenery Atractiva
Atractions Vistas panorámicas, Laguna, Formación Geológica
Duration 1 día
Effort 6.3 dopihoras
Trail Siempre Claro
Signage Insuficiente
Infraestructure Inexistente
Topology Ida y Retorno por la misma ruta
Gain/Loss (meters) +1096, -62 (±1158)
Distance (k) 14.4 (round trip)
Mean altitude 799
Skills No requiere
Original creator Anónimo
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Appropriate time

November to April. December is an excellent month, because the weather is better, the days are long and there are not as many tourists as in January and February.

In the winter months, it is a cold route, and with enough snow in the upper section.


Laguna Cerro Castillo

In vehicle

Cerro Castillo is located 97 kilometers south of Coyhaique by the southern highway. The entire route is paved. Consider an hour and a half of travel, since there is a cost in between.

Public transport

The following bus lines make routes from Coyhaique heading south on the southern highway.

Desde Coyhaique salen varias líneas de buses en dirección al sur:

Buses Sao Paulo Coyhaique-Puerto Río Tranquilo-Cochrane (Ma, Ju y Sa, 8:00AM)

Cochrane-Rio Tranquilo-Coyhaique (Mi, Vi y Do)

Teléfonos +56672552143 / +56672255726 / +56998748022

Terminal Municipal Coyhaique (Lautaro esq. Magallanes)

Águilas Patagónicas Coyhaique-Puerto Río Tranquilo-Cochrane (Ma y Jue, 8:30AM)

Cochrane-Rio Tranquilo-Coyhaique (Lu, Mi y Vi)

Teléfonos +56672211288 / +56672216886

Terminal Municipal Coyhaique (Lautaro esq. Magallanes)

Buses Don Carlos Coyhaique-Puerto Río Tranquilo-Cochrane (Lu a Do, 9:30AM)

Cochrane-Rio Tranquilo-Coyhaique (Lu a Do)

Teléfonos +56672231981 / +56672232981

Sub. Teniente Cruz 63, Coyhaique

Buses Acuario 13 Coyhaique-Puerto Río Tranquilo-Cochrane (Ma a Do, 9:00AM)

Cochrane-Rio Tranquilo-Coyhaique (Lu y Mi a Do, 9:00AM)

Teléfonos +56672522143 / +56998748022

Terminal Municipal Coyhaique (Lautaro esq. Magallanes)

Buses ECA Coyhaique-Puerto Río Tranquilo (Ma y Vi, 13:00)
Teléfonos +56672431224 / +56672528577

Alejandro Gutiérrez 79, Coyhaique

Valores aproximados: Coyhaique - Puerto Río Tranquilo: CLP$9000 (US$ 9.8 as of June 2024) / Coyhaique - Cochrane: CLP$13000 (US$ 14.2 as of June 2024)

Description of the route


Perfil de la ruta a la Laguna del Cerro Castillo

Expected Time

Permisos / Tarifas

Gratis-y-sin-permisos.png Esta ruta es gratis y no se requiere permiso

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