Access to Piedra Numerada from La Parva

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Map of access to Piuquenes Lagoon / Franciscano col from La Parva

La Parva Ski Center – Piuquenes or Franciscano lagoon

The route begins at La Parva ski center. The first stretch passes through the ski pistes up to Piuquenes lagoon (which stands a little over 3,600 AMSL). To get to the top of the “Las Aguilas” ski lift from the ski centers , there are various options. By Foot: Walking on the ski pistes (or on the car path) up to the end of “Las Aguilas” ski lift (3,555 AMSL) By Car (November or December through May)

You must get to the highest street of La Parva (called Emillie Allais) and 100 meters after it ends, take the dirt road to the right. This road will take you on 1.8 km of gravel in good condition up to the parking lot called “Campamento Base” (Base Camp) located at an altitude of 2.980 AMSL. You can request the key to the gate that blocks the way further on the Base Camp area and continue by car on a dirt road in decent state up to the end of the Las Aguilas ski lift. The key must be requested at La Parva headquarters located in the same town, next to the little church. You must leave your ID for them to hold until you return the key. We recommend to first call the number +56222209530. Please keep in mind that they would be doing you a favor and it’s not their obligation. There are many forks on this road, so we recommend carrying the green route on the map.

Ski Lift

Las Aguilas ski lift works during the summer weekends. For the 2016 season, the price of the ticket for mountaineers are as follows : Both ways for a total of $10.000 CLP, and one way is $6.500. More info on this on La Parva It is advisable to check the dates for which you intend to visit the center, since something could happen that could drag the process of buying the ticket. This way you can anticipate the mishap and avoid wasting precious time on a bureaucratic process.

Between the months of June and end of September, during the ski season, there are no specially priced tickets for mountaineers, so you would have to pay full price ($45.000 CLP on 2016). You would take the Flores lift and then Las Aguilas.

The shelter at the the top of Las Aguilas lift, where these three routes lead to, is 50 meters lower than Piuquenes or Franciscano lagoon, so the lagoon is reached with just an additional 20 minutes by foot. As a reference, consider the Falsa Parva mountain (3,999 AMSL), whose base finds both the ski lift shelter as well as the lagoon. From the shelter you must keep walking on the car path which goes East. After an additional 100 meters, turn left traversing a little 30 meter hill with clearly marked paths. Once the col has been reached, you can admire the Piuquenes lagoon at a very close distanace.