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Jan: What does it mean "tighter" in this context? "After having passed the deep blue Laguna Dial you descent through the now tighter but equally scenic valleys of the rivers Rió Rodriguez and Los Souces" --Joaquin.baranao 09:51 2 oct 2014 (CLT)

Hi everyone, this is Ian. 12/24/2019

I just wanted to give a quick up date, I hike the first 4 sections of the GPT and ohh boy has it been alot of fun. It has been pretty hot lately, especially around the middle of the day. I usually find myself taking a break around 1pm just to cool off. If I can find a pool or creek, even better. The water in the first 4 sections is touch and go to say the least. There is a big dry section north of Coya about 25km so be prepared. I usually carry about 4l with me just to be safe.

Agua Buena and Los queñes are both great resuply points, both right on trail. They both have a decent selection of food and places that serve empanadas.

I have also had ishuess with my smartphone and getting gpx files to load on it. As a result I have spent a lot of my first two weeks being lost. I would recommend figuring out your navigation device before you leave for Chile and possibly buy a Garmin gps device.

Anyways, it has been an awesome fuckin trail with wonderful long days of adventure and excitement. There is literally no one out here and no one knows what you are doing. Be prepared to be surprised.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at : ultratrailca@gmail.com