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Descending to the Ocoa sector. Imagen: Juan Pablo Ortega
__ Travesía Parque Nacional La Campana, Crossing from North to South (or vice versa)
__ Andean Trail Ascent to the summit of Cerro La Campana
__ Cascada del Parque Nacional La Campana
__ Cruce Caleu - Ocoa
__ Sendero Cajón Grande - Plateau
__ Access routes

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Summary (editar)
Activity Trekking
Location Chile, Santiago (Cordillera Costa)
Scenery Mediana
Atractions Vistas panorámicas, Bosque, Flora atractiva, Parque Nacional
Duration 1 día
Effort 4.8 dopihoras
Trail Siempre Claro
Signage Suficiente
Infraestructure Camping
Topology Cruce
Gain/Loss (meters) +857, -873
Distance (k) 11.508
(*) Datos de Granizo a Ocoa
Mean altitude 723
Original creator Juan Pablo Ortega
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Access Map to the northern sector of La Campana National Park

Appropriate time

All year round, however, the ideal time will be spring or late winter.


By car

Take Route 5 until the exit to Til Til (Route G-132). Take this exit to the west, where after 9 km you will reach an iron bridge, turn right until you reach the village of Til Til (10 km from the bridge); once here take the route that leads to Limache / Olmué along the Cuesta de la Dormida. Climb and then descend the Cuesta de la Dormida until you reach the fork in Olmué; here take Avenida Granizo in a northeasterly direction until you reach the gravel road from where it is 2.4 km to the entrance of the park. Park the car in this place.

In public transport and hitchhiking

It can be accessed by public transport to the Ocoa sector of the La Campana National Park from La Calera or from Llayllay. From the bus terminal of La Calera, a taxi charges $ 6000 to the entrance of the park.

Description of the route

Map of the trails in the Ocoa sector, in the La Campana National Park. Image: Gregor
Palms in the Ocoa sector. Image: Juan Pablo Ortega
Palms in the Ocoa sector. Image: Juan Pablo Ortega
Part of the Fauna that can be found in the park are the Foxes Chillas
Co. La Campna from Ocoa Nursery. Image: Juan Pablo Ortega
Hail height profile - Ocoa

The route can be from south to north, or from north to south. The first alternative will be described.

Leaving from the south, you can start from Granizo or from Cajón Grande. The first alternative will be described. The route that goes from Cajón Grande is described in the route Crossing Caleu - Olmué

From the Conaf Nursery walk for 600 meters on the road, when you reach the camping area, go through the path of the climber for about 5 minutes where you will see the "Sendero Los Peumos" which should be taken. This runs through a leafy and humid native forest (see image). The trail climbs moderately. After 35 minutes of having taken the Los Peumos Trail, we cross again the route of the cars that we walked previously. From this moment the vegetation ceases to be so exuberant.

Follow the route for two curves, where you will reach another fork. The secondary road will take us after 500m to abandoned facilities of an old mine. You must take the main one. To avoid walking along the car route after the fork take a path that runs parallel to the route but slightly more to the east (right). After 300 meters they are separated definitively. The path begins to gain height following the edge of a hill in a westerly direction, after 45 minutes of climbing, in some sectors with quite a slope, you reach the step (see image). From here you will have a spectacular view of the valley of Ocoa, full of Palms and something arid, gives the impression of having retreated to the Jurassic. The contrast with the Cajón Grande and Granizo valleys to the south is strong. The latter with a very different vegetation and significantly more leafy.

After enjoying this beautiful panorama for a while, the descent begins. The path is quite clear, there will be no chance of getting lost. it drops abruptly for 30 minutes until it reaches the valley where the slope decreases considerably, making walking more pleasant and expeditious. From the beginning of the descent, the path goes between palm trees on the western slope of the eastern hills of the valley. When you reach the last hill the direction changes to Northeast, after 10 additional minutes you will find the main route of the Ocoa sector. From the pass to the Casino Sector, 1.5 hours of walking (5km). Take the route in the north direction to go to the nursery, end of the crossing. If you still have the courage and energy to continue walking, if you take the path to the south you can visit a beautiful waterfall and a quartz mine (more information in trek: P.N. La Campana, Ocoa). After 25 minutes along the trail you will reach the Ocoa camping area, in an additional 10 minutes at the park entrance and end of the trek.

Expected time

At a normal pace, this trekking should take around 6 hours, round trip.

Rates and schedules of La Campana National Park

In 2016, the entrance fees for La Campana National Park are the following:

  • Adults
    • National: $ 2,300
    • Foreign: $ 4000 (US$ 6.5 as of May 2018)
    • In situation of disability: $ 1,200
    • Greater than 60 years: $ 1,200
  • Children
    • National under 6 years: FREE
    • National between 6 and 18 years old: $ 1,200
    • Foreign: $ 2000 (US$ 3.3 as of May 2018)
    • In situation of disability: FREE

The Park operates from 8 am to 6 pm from September to May, and from 9 am to 5 pm from May to August. Telephone +56332441342 / +56332443067


Horseback riding in La Campana National Park

To hire horses in the La Campana National Park, it is possible to contact Marco at +56967348561 and +56332271996. Marco Cobra $ 4,000 / hour per horse $ 4000 (US$ 6.5 as of May 2018). In two to three hours you can walk quite well the main forests of palms, and in three to five hours you can reach the waterfall and other points of interest of the park.

Hire guided tours and excursions

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