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Hey Jan. Impressive all you have done. I wonder: is it not better to call it "Great Patagonian Trail" instead of "Greater"? Because, otherwise, "greater" than what? --Joaquin.baranao 00:40 17 ago 2014 (CLT)

Hi Joaquin. I have thought about it as well but I'm using "Greater" not as a comparison but as geographic term as it is used in "Greater London", "Greater Antilles" or "Gran Santiago".

See wikipedia: Greater may refer to:

  • Greatness, the state of being great
  • Greater than, in inequality
  • In terms of geography and politics it is used in referring to a region or place together with the surrounding area, therefore implying expansive area and/or influence

Most of the trail is actually not located in Patagonia because on the Chilean side Patagonia includes traditionally only Aysén and Magallanes. Now with tourism becoming an important business that depends on attracting legendary names Patagonia has grown rapidly and now is used often for the Chilean lake and river district. But even with this understanding of Patagonia less than 50% of the trail is actually in Patagonia.

I did not want to overstreach the geographic term "Patagonia" but pulling it just 200 km short of Santiago. Therefore I decided to use the term "Greater Patagonia" that includes Patagonia and the surrounding area. This seams reasonable and applicable to the entire trail area since on the Argentine side Patagonia reaches to the Rio Colorado that has its spring near the Laguna del Maule. And the trail start is just a little under 100 km from this northern most point of the Argentine Patagonia.

Using the name "Great Patagonian Trail" would make a nice comparison with the 10000 km "Great Himalayan Trail" but it would be geographically incorrect. A marketing expert might not be bothered by such considerations but I'm I want to precise and correct.

If understood as a comprarison this trail is a greater trail compared to all other currently published trails in Patagonia in respect of distance and diversity.

Does this makes sence to you?

What name would be the best in Spanish?

"Sendero Patagonia Grande" or "Sendero Gran Patagonia"?