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Season 2025/26

Season 2024/25

Season 2023/24

Season 2022/23

  • General info :

In Nov & Dec the start of the route is likely to be partially flooded & rivers may be too high. Best to wait until January. Hiking in either a northbound or southbound direction is feasible and recommended. The section is 90km long and takes 3-4 days to complete. The section is straightforward and fairly easy throughout. A large proportion of the section is on dirt, gravel or paved roads. The open nature of the section is very pleasant and offers many good views, Its relative easiness may also be welcome after the bush-bashing and more challenging terrain of other sections.

The route passes through a Welsh-Argentine community in which there are several thousand speakers of Patagonian Welsh.

There is an ‘Into-The-Wild”-like abandoned bus at around Km20 at -43.25877 S, - 71.60910 W on Oh-Mr-V@26-B-#001, which is close and parallel to the regular route. The bus is a popular hiking destination, but its history is unclear.

  • 2022-Nov-15 / 4 days / Hikig / SOBO / RR /Frank

I walked the route in 2 separate sections (total 4 days walking) as follows: 15 Nov Aldea Escolar to the international road & hitched to Trevelin. 16 Nov I got the bus from Trevelin to Carrenleufu & walked to Palena on the road. In January I walked the central section: international road to Carrenleufu in 2 days

From Aldea Escolar you are on the Huella Andina (occasional blue & white marks) which follows a gravel road & then a 5KM trail to reach the international road. The trail was partly flooded (knee deep swampy water) & even the gravel road before the international road had some flooded parts so I decided to leave the central section until later in the season.

In January I walked from international road: you are on roads & on the Huella Andina for the first several KM, then went right onto another road to see the Into the Wild bus. Rejoined RR easily on road after the bus. After the second river crossing I went straight ahead on alternative route (there is a small trail) It led to a puesto with a horse corral. There was no one there & puesto was locked, I camped outside. The puesto is dry, bring water from the river. On the second day, going downhill & approaching a puesto, the RR leaves the road & goes through fences into the puesto. It's much better to stay on the road which goes around the puesto. RR leads back to the road after going through several fences. River crossings easy in January. Argenchile hospedaje was full but there are a few others in Carrenleufú. They are mostly unmarked so ask around. Walked to Chilean border post then hitched to Palena.

Season 2021/22

Season 2020/21

Season 2019/20

  • 2020-Jan-20 to 2020-Jan-24 / 4,5 days / Hikig / SOBO / RR from Futaleufú to Palena /Frank

Very easy section. The only thing is that you have to cross many fences, some of them were cadenassed, which means that most of these lands should be private. I saw nobody so, I didn't have any problems.

I started from Futaleufu cause I was coming directly from GPT71. So, I started on the main road. Few cars. Easy border crossing.

The main part of the trail is made of minor roads in the middle of a forest, which appeared to be "open sky" compared to the Valdivian one!

Nice section even if not as scenic as the previous ones. I guess this is the "minor road effect"! The last day, before arriving in Carrenleufú, was better. Very nice view of the mountains and on the valley. And I loved the last forest, which I guess was a lenga forest. These trees are beautiful, and waving with the strong wind!

Convenient hospedaje in Carrenleufú in the center = Argenchile. Ask and you will find it. There is a shop also. I paid 15000 CLP (they accepted CLP!) for the dinner, the night, the breakfast... and 2 beers and one icecream that I took directly from the shop!

Border crossing on the other side was also easy. Ending on the main road, with very few cars. I found it very nice to get back slowly i' the middle of the high mountains in Palena.

  • 2020-Jan-18 to 2020-Jan-20 / 3 days / Hikig / SOBO / RR /Shaun

I found this section straightforward and pleasant. Much of it was through woodland on clear dirt roads or trails, and there were many spectacular views. The river crossings were fine - there had been no rain for several days - and the highest only briefly reached lower thigh. The “Into-The-Wild”-like abandoned bus is around Km20 at -43.25877 S, - 71.60910 W on Oh-Mr-V@26-B-#001, which is close and parallel to the regular route. The Chilean customs officials were vigilant regarding what food I was bringing in. The last 16km are on road.

Season 2018/19

Season 2017/18

Season 2016/17

Resupply and Accommodation

Resupply and Accommodation in nearby Towns

  • There are limited resupply, accommodation and transport options in Aldea Escolar at the northern end of the section. Much better options exist in Palena at the southern end. Plus there are other decent possibilities en route in Carrenleufú.
  • La Anonima supermarket in Trevelin. Small shop in Aldea Escolar. Three small shops in Carrenleufu. Several shops in Palena.
  • You can get camping gas in Trevelin & Esquel. Also in Palena at ferreteria & shop across from post office.
  • Banco Estado on the central square in Palena has an ATM, it's accessible when the bank is closed

Resupply and Accommodation along the Route

Transport to and from Route

  • Jacobsen have several buses a day Trevelin-Aldea Escolar Mon-Fri but only 2 a day on weekends. You can also get a taxi for 800 pesos (2023 price)
  • Buses to Carrenleufu on Monday, Wednesday & Friday going Esquel-Trevelin-Cerro Centinela-Corcovado-Carrenleufu They Leave from Esquel bus station at 8:30 & Trevelin @ 9 passing along Avenida San Martin in Trevelin. Get on at any SOBO bus stop on Av. San Martin in Trevelin. The bus returns from Carrenleufu along the same route to Esquel on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 12:30
  • There is a bus from Palena to Vila Santa Lucia & Chaiten every day at 6 & 11. No bus to the border but you can arrange a transfer at El Porvenir shop one block from the plaza in Palena.
  • The post office in Palena has all bus schedules to & from Palena written on the wall.

Permits, Entry Fees and Right-of-Way Issues

  • There is a border crossing from Argentina into Chile between Carrenleufú and Palena. The Chilean officials may examine thoroughly any food being imported.

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GPT26: Carrenleufú
GPT26: Carrenleufú Hiking Packrafting
Group E: Lagos Argentinos Total 90.3 km 25 h 90.5 km 25 h
Region Argentina & Chile: Chubut & Los Lagos (X) Trails (TL) 22.2 km 24.5% 22.1 km 24.5%
Start Aldea Escolar Minor Roads (MR) 54.2 km 60.0% 45.3 km 50.1%
Finish Palena Primary Roads (PR) 11.8 km 13.0% 14.4 km 16.0%
Status Published & Verified Cross-Country (CC) 2.2 km 2.4% 2.3 km 2.5%
Traversable Nov - Apr (Maybe: Sep, Oct, May) Bush-Bashing (BB) - - - -
Packraft Deployable Ferry (FY) - - - -
Connects to GPT25H, GPT25P, GPT27H, GPT27P, GPT70 Investigation (I) (1.2 km) (1.3%) (1.2 km) (1.3%)
Options 129 km (1 Options & Variants) Exploration (EXP) - - - -
Hiking Packrafting Total on Water 6.3 km 7.0%
Attraction 2 (of 5) 2 (of 5) River (RI) 6.3 km 7.0%
Difficulty 2 (of 5) 2 (of 5) Lake (LK) - -
Direction Both ↓↑ Both ↓↑ Fjord (FJ) - -
Comment -
Character Forest, Farmland, Settlers, River Packrafting
Challenges Demanding River Fords

Elevation Profile of Regular Hiking Route (2019)
Elevation Profile of Regular Hiking Route (2019)