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  • Option: Pto Tranquilo - Cochrane/ Packrafting Route (Lago General Carrera and Río Baker)/ 2022 Feb-13/ 5 days / Tobias Schorcht and Jonas Grünewald

Packrafting on the shoreline of Lago General Carrera was possible with some difficulties. I visited the Marvel Caves and continued towards Lago Bertrand. There are numbers of bays which are suitable for camping. The wind direction changed fast (don’t count on the windy app), the worst part was the delta of Río Leones, where I couldn’t pass for 24h. Luckly I found the summer house of family Schneider (-46,74048, -72,77454) where I could stay overnight. They are welcoming and nice people, don’t be shy to ask them for help. Reached Pto Bertrand through Lago Bertrand without more difficulties and met Jonas there. He booked a rafting tour on the Upper Baker and I followed the raft with my Packraft. Our luggage was carried by the shuttle service of the rafting company. We faced 2 significant rapids class 3. If you want to have fun, go simply though the centre where the big waves are. I flipped once, but jumped fast back into my open packraft. If you want to go for the chicken line, stay always on the right side. After -47,05206, -72,81161 are no rapids until the confluence with Río Nef. We used the Packraft as a ferry to cross Río Nef and Baker. The official ferry on Río Baker (Balsa Baker) is getting maintained and recently out of order.

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GPT34P: Lago General Carrera
GPT34P: Lago General Carrera Hiking Packrafting
Group H: Aysen Sur Total - - 100.8 km 30 h
Region Chile: Aysén (XI) Trails (TL) - - 24.7 km 24.6%
Start Puerto Ingeniero Ibañez (Puerto) Minor Roads (MR) - - 17.6 km 17.5%
Finish Chile Chico (Puerto) Primary Roads (PR) - - 45.1 km 44.7%
Status Published & Mostly Verified Cross-Country (CC) - - 3.3 km 3.3%
Traversable Jan - Mar (Maybe: Dec, Apr) Bush-Bashing (BB) - - - -
Packraft Required Ferry (FY) - - - -
Connects to GPT33H, GPT33P, GPT34H, GPT35 Investigation (I) - - - -
Options 477 km (7 Options & Variants) Exploration (EXP) - - (10.1 km) (10.0%)
Hiking Packrafting Total on Water 10.1 km 10.0%
Attraction - 4 (of 5) River (RI) 2.6 km 2.6%
Difficulty - 6 (of 5) Lake (LK) 7.4 km 7.4%
Direction None Both ↓↑ Fjord (FJ) - -
Comment Hiking: Hiking not feasible
Character Forest, Alpine Terrain, Settlers, Lake Packrafting, Road Walking
Challenges Possibly Impassable, Exploration Required
Profile of GPT34P: Lago General Carrera